Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which plans are made...unmade...made...unmade...etc...

It all seemed so simple. We teleport as close to Pitax as possible, use a hat of disguise to make our way as close to the palace as possible, assault the king, end the threat to our kingdom and be done.

Instead, Imajica made the trip himself, did some scouting (he appears to have gained new spells or skills that he has not previously utilised) of his own. as there was nobody else with him, it was with interest that the rest of us waited for him to return.

He came back bearing some news. He had secured some form of lodging in the harbour with a friendly sea captain, paying for the use of his ship while it was in dock. And there was a slightly unusual addition to that request. One of his so-called travelling companions was to be a woman.

I was unsure why this particular detail was require, other than to cause somebody some discomfort. As it turned out, it was to be MY discomfort as I needed to use my hat of disguise to become a woman.

Once we teleported directly into the ship (neatly getting us inside Pitax, the captain informed Imajica that we should follow the smell of cheese in the city. With no other leads (as the original plan appeared to have been veto’d somehow without my knowing), we made our way into town to find this cheese.

I used my new found feminine wiles to coerce some information out of the local populace. By the time we got the information we needed, dark had fallen and the bells tolled midnight. Again, with little patience to hang around when not required, I immediately starting making my way (dragging the rest of the group in my wake)) towards our destination.

We were held up briefly by the local constabulary (who also helped direct us…maybe being a woman has some additional benefits?) and they then followed us to ensure we were actually going where we said we were.

We were also informed that there was a curfew in effect, and we were in breach of it. Luckily , the guards were easily convinced to leave us alone. The trip towards the cheese and meat shop also took us towards the palace, so at least we also learnt our targets location.

The shop was well closed by midnight, but some lusty calls got us inside, along with the whispered message about following the smell of cheese. A room was made available to us as we were friends of those against the crown (in a manner of speaking), so a decision was made to teleport to this room once we got back to the ship. This would throw off any potential pursuit.

A purchase was made to ensure that the guards were satisfied that we actually bought something. I also made my way over to the guards and shared some of the cheese…it never hurts to thank people…

So all that remains is to wait for Imajica to be in position to teleport us to our secret room, from which we can hopefully make our assault on the King.


I forgot that Disguise Self doesn’t affect voice. How is Roche’s feminine accent?


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