Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which talk leads inevitably to battle

Drelev was questioned at great length by Imajica and we learnt a great deal about his dealings with Pitax. Once our curiousity was satisfied, Imajica teleported him back to our lands and had him incarcerated. This process took longer than usual however, and there were murmurs that Imajica may have fallen foul of something.

In time, Imajica returned, somewhat flustered. Apparently the control of magic this powerful can sometimes be fickle and he had managed to overshoot his destination.

It was decided that we needed to get inside the town proper and speak to Satine, as directed before we left. Since we are a group where subtlety is a somewhat underdeveloped skill, the direct approach through the town gates was deemed appropriate. So back through the tunnels and up the cliff (thanks to Khan and some handy magic assisting our climb) and to the front gates we marched.

The guards didn’t seem overly concerned as we approached and challenged our reason for arriving. A simple discussion resulting in us being merchants of some kind was suffice to allow us passage.

A walk through the town showed a number of things, such as a large amount of guard patrols, an abandoned temple and a stunning woman chatting easily to all and sundry.

In fact, she ushered us over and offered us time to take our ease at her establishment, but conversation quickly (for I felt little need of THAT sort of relaxation) turned to us arranging a meeting with the propietor, Satinder. Our luck held and we were talking to Satinder. A guesture of a long stemmed flower inserted into the provided ring and name (Kisandra) gave us the meeting we were after.

She proved happy to help and provided us a safe room to reside during our time here and a secret way in and out of her establishment. She was also able to get the goods we rescued back to the people who needed it most.

Or next course of action seemed to challenge us. Of course, this is where we fall back onto the tried and true method of going directly to the source of a problem. In this case, the giants and mercenaries were suggested by Satinder as the cause for most of the fear in the town.

As is our way, an immediate trip to the keep that we had previously been hiding in, this time from the front, was our destination. A little trick of magic, and Imajica had us through the gates before they realised what was going on.

Unfortunately, that was as far as we got before the alarm was raised and guards and giants started appearing from all over the place. Oret disappeared up the wall, Khan had flown over the keep and was out of sight, leaving Learion, Io, Imajica and I to face the oncoming tide.

With a prayer on the lips, the battle has joined!



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