Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which the Gods ignore those below them

Iomedae must have answered my prayer. There was only one more room with a small secret room attached to it, and no more foes to face.

The room we came into immediately after slaying the barbarian was large and mostly empty. The only thing of note was the sarcophagus on a dais. This turned out to be where the original Armag was interred.

Naturally, the lid was lifted, and inside was a curiously intact body. Withered, desiccated, but surprisingly, whole and faintly recognisable even after hundreds of years. On the body was suit of armour and a heavy steel shield. Both glowed with strong magic according to our casters.

It was at this point that Khan found a secret room, so while the rest hurried away to search that, I prayed to Iomedae for guidance. Tomb robbery is something I have found abhorrent in the past, however, my Goddess does not seem so bothered my such mundane matters unless it directly concerns her in some way.

The silence was deafening.

After hearing nothing from her, and fighting my conscience, I realised that the shield was something that would aid me in keeping my party alive, so I moved to switch it with my own. At the last second, I remembered that Io could use mine, so he got that in the end as well.

The rest of the party made merry with a large pile of treasure in the secret room and then it was time to leave. A few false turns and a little frustration and we were out. Straight up to where Imajica placed his rope trick and rescuing the previously enslaved girls was followed up by immediately getting to Fort Drelev to see them safe.

Cara, the niece of Restov’s Mayor was found and teleported back home as well, apparently to a remarkably small amount of fuss.

With Fort Drelev still in danger from all sides, we discussed the best course of action with Lord Terrion Numesti. His suggestion was that boggards were infesting the swamps and causing both a restriction in trade and a danger to the populace. With a solid direction in mind, we moved out.



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