Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we develop our own version of spray...and walk away

With little other concerning us (we can thank our now exploded watery imp friend for telling us where Nyrissa was in a round-about way), we knew there was very little of the castle left unexplored.

A vote was put in and Khan was adamant that we rest so he could recover spells through communing with nature, while an important consideration, our King was voted down and we elected to finish exploring the castle to ensure that when we did rest, we were much less likely to be disturbed.

Oret snuck through into the last rooms after quaffing an invisibility potion. He returned momentarily, explaining that two of the rooms were empty of creatures (one was a library and the other was a ransacked treasury), but the third room was overgrown with flora, and there was some definite movement in there.

Flora being something our King understands very well, he had a look and found that there was in fact three very large carnivorous plants in there. All capable of movement. All capable of swallowing us whole, and all quite instinctive rather than intelligent.

Many plans were hatched, mostly by me. They were all pretty much agreed upon. Iomedae forgive me, but I grew rash as I tried to get the group to decide on a single course of action, and instead of patiently working through everything, I simply kicked in the offending door and used Briar to harm one of the plants.

The fight was violent. Who knew that plants could be so vicious? With little to no magic to aid us, re relied heavily on swords and body parts. This did prove to be enough and the plants were heavily pruned (at root level).

The castle secure (as we could make it) we finally took Khans advice and found somewhere safe to rest. Io prayed to Iomedae for a way to break the medusa’s gaze effect on Imajica and she provided him with all the assistance he needed. Praise Iomedae, we have our somewhat haughty elven arch-mage back, no longer a statue.

The treasury was searched again, just in case something had been missed and indeed, some trinkets were found. But the primary focus was the library, due to Imajica’s insistence. He did, however, find a book that told us exactly what we needed in terms of getting into the other areas that Nyrissa frequented.

It is lucky that we had Khan there to transcribe EXACTLY what was describe in the very book that imajica would not let go, his fingers whitening as his grip grew ever more fierce.

Unfortunately, when we entered into the closest portal room (the very room the vicious plants were in, Khans recollection of the required thought pattern was slightly off. imjica referred back to the book and we successfully teleported through to a vast ocean of swirling grasslands…

That was no bigger than a large room. The grasses were not actually real, other than in the room. Everything else was painted onto the walls in such a clever fashion that we all felt as though we were really there. It was empty though, so we made our way back to the castle.

The next room to try was the throne room. Imajica pictured the required image and LO! we were transported to our destination…



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