Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we discover flowers are not the only things that bloom

The first bloom dealt with, it was indicated that there would be more. And at this stage, we have no way of determining when and where they will be.

In light of this, we spent some time having the finishing touches put on our palace and continued our transport system, either building more roads or updating the existing road to become highways.

While we were doing this, I suggested that we might help Ashularae for the remains of her family and bring them back from the dead. Before we had the chance to go, a young farm hand from Oret’s family farm came running up to him and, short of breath, spun a tale of woe and danger. With Oret’s family in danger, the only recourse was to immediately look into the issue.

Imajica was able to teleport all of us to the roadside close to the farm and we were greeted by scenes of destruction. Crops ruined, nobody to be found and a wee little plant being walking up to us, happy to see us.

Imajica showed a slightly more gentle side to himself and bent to retrieve the wee creature. Unfortunately it took that as an opportunity to bite the Mage, which in turn seemed to summon a veritable horde of the things.

It quickly became obvious that mele weapons were not going to suffice, so I focused my efforts on ensuring Io survived the incoming friendly fire (in every sense of the word). Both Imajica and Khan unleashed some impressive pyrotechnics, but I will be more than happy to watch from afar next time instead of standing at the epicentre.

Once the world had stopped burning, we were introduced to our apparent rescuers. The self styled Kob Squad were duly thanked by their King with the promise of more rewards for their help.

The trail of destruction was not difficult to follow for those with the skill. I relied on those with said skills as tracking is still not something I have become proficient in.

I pushed us hard, not wanting others to suffer (only after being assured that Oret’s family was only a little worse for wear). It became a long trek, and many were the claims of discomfort. Even I needed to rest after walking all day and night.

We did find our quarry the next day, but to our horror, there were more than we felt we could reasonably handle. Other plans were hatched and between Io, Imajica and Khan, the evil sprites were corralled, covered in magical darkness and sent to another plane.

Another bloom taken care of, but nothing lingered this time as my sword, Briar, didn’t gain any new properties like the last bloom.

It sounds as though the research we are getting Imajica’s assistants to do may become very valuable in terms of finding a way to stop these blooms or finding a way to the Thousand Cuts plane.

And now we wait…



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