Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we discover the dark hides things to fear

With the rest of the party getting healed and back on their feet, it was time to take the fight to those foul women. Affronting my Goddess results in a sentence of justice and in this case, death was the only option.

Moving past the remaining daemon as it swung ineffectually at me, I engaged the women directly. They had forced themselves up against the wall, probably so as to make flanking them impossible. Evil they may be, but stupid they were not.

Spells of all sorts began to be cast at me, but my faith kept me strong, even while they were stripping the magical defences Io had place on me away. I kept them occupied while the rest of the group dispatched the last daemon and moved to assist in ending the evil threat.

Oret tied one up in knots using his now finely honed mastery of unarmed combat. Learion swung his greatsword mightily, hewing down foes and the others either kept up a magical barrage or ensured there was nothing else to challenge us.

Once defeated, we moved onto the doors. Imajica was able to open both doors with magics, leading to one tunnel filled with an ominous fog and another with stone boulders in it. Sight proved preferable, so the boulders tunnel was chosen.

The boulders were apparently supposed to be placed in similar sized depressions in stairs leading up towards the only door. Unfortunately, each boulder was bigger than the last and the biggest one, naturally, had to go on the top step. Several of the group (Oret, Io, Learion and Imajica) moved into the tunnel to move the boulders around. Finally getting the last one in, the top door opened…only for the previous doors to slam shut!

Khan and I were separated and trapped. With no locksmith, our only course of action was to bash our way through the door. Luckily, we had access to plenty of weapons that the dead barbarians were no longer using, so I hacked away until I was able to get Khan and myself through.

The others were waiting for us, not particularly willing to go to far into the next room, and for good reason. One door out, not counting the one we came through, and the only obvious way of opening it was a large wheel with a single handle on it, mounted on a beam, coming out of the floor. This part of the floor was covered in a sheet of metal, nestled between four pillars. It was obviously a trap.

That didn’t mean we didn’t have to face it, and with the faith in my Goddess pushing me forward, I stepped onto the metal sheet and started moving the wheel. This set off the trap of course, but luckily, I was able to cast a protection spell on myself that allowed me to ignore the cold damage from the trap as I turned the wheel. This could have been deadly to somebody else, so I thanks Iomedae for guiding me towards this, saving others from a painful fate.

Through the door, and Imajica was able to identify the spell being used in here as some form of ward spell (he knew it, but I was never much of an arcane scholar) which could lead to us being confused at intersections, fog blocking all forms of sight, webs in areas and doors covered by some form of glamour.

Our options are limited, so down the passage we go, reaching our first intersection. Deciding to simply follow the leader, and therefore keep together as a group, I turned left, hopefully, and headed further in. To a small basically empty room.

Back the way we came and turning left again, reasoning that would take us straight ahead from our original entrance we came to a dead end. Khan’s sharp eyesight found the door in front of us, however, it too proved to be locked. With our trusty borrowed barbarian weapons, Learion hacked through the door on his side while I whittled away at the door on my side.

Entry gained, I stepped through…



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