Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we meet old enemies

In our travels we were naturally very thorough. We explored as much terrain as possible to ensure that there would be no dangers (or prizes!) left undiscovered.

One such danger was the lair of a chuul. Having been attacked by one of these a few years ago, where Learion lost his horse and nearly provided a meal for it under water, it was deemed to evil to live.

Moving forward, I challenged it to a fair fight (and possibly with Imajica trying to lay bets in the background for some reason), but something in the grasses startled in (turns out it was Khan controlling the very grass we walk upon to inhibit our enemies) and it retreated into it’s cavern.

Following it in appeared to be a mistake as two more erupted out of the water from behind us, but between the lot of us, we have learned a great deal since those days, year previous where one such creature could trouble us and short work was made of all three.

Learion did, however, try to provide one himself as a food source…again!

Further travel found us deeper into the bog and we came across a large area that appeared to have been flattened by something massive. So Learion immediately threw a large rock into the water surrounding the area and proceeded to alert the creature to our presence…

It turned out to be a thirteen headed hydra. A monstrosity that we haven’t encountered before, but Imjaica understood their ways and informed us that the beast was best killed by blows to the, as the heads would keep reforming and doubling in number.

Khan provided some form of magical impediment and damage to the creature and Iomedae protected me as I went forth and faced it and I was lucky not to be hit particularly often before Oret and Learion, under the benefit of the haste spell, were able to cut it down.

Our greatest trouble was to come however!

We had previously encountered four large black dragons, flying as a group. They tormented us once, had one of their number find us again and attack us, although at the cost of its own life and finally, the remaining three found us as we set off their ambush.

At first, we thought there was only one as it surprised several of us by erupting out of a swampy patch of bushes. It immediately called for help and something about the foul beast terrified Io and shook the resolve of Oret.

Moving forward to the beast, I lost sight of Imajica as moved out of my line of sight. Io fled, terrified in the opposite direction of the dragon, Oret moved to flank it, moving freely through the dense terrain thanks to his ring of freedom of movement. Learion moved in front of me and Khan, in the form of a large air elemental took to the sky.

At this point, the remaining two dragons landed on either side of our party. Breaths of acid were flying through the air thick and fast, and even as I was calling on iomedae to bless us and protect us from acid, I was moving to slow to save everybody.

Oret flailed at the first beast side, unable to do much damage through the thick hide of the dragon. But Learion was nearby to Oret, and a plan formed. Iomedae allowed me to shared my sacred link to her power and I allowed the other melee to smite the dragon in my stead.

Iomedaes power is vast and that dragon felt the full brunt of it through fist and blade. I did my part by calling on her healing powers to keep Oret in particular alive.

As this was happening, a huge fire elemental appeared and fought for us, under the control of our druid, Khan. This bought us precious flanking and distraction, allowing me to heal while others simply focused on killing dragons.

Then we were smothered in a fog cloud, cast by another dragon. Oret was in a bad way and since he provided the killing blow for all dragon kind to see, he was the primary target. He wisely kept moving as I made my way over to heal him and Learion used the remaining power of Iomedae to smite a second dragon.

Suddenly, Io appeared near us, out of thin air and another elemental appeared behind the last dragon left alive. The timing of these events was fortuitous and through our combined skill and power, we all survived, more or less intact and the dragons were vanquished!

The glory belongs to Iomedae, however, I worry that these four are the children brood for something much older…only time will tell.



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