Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we meet the (less than) mighty Boggards

Battleplans tend to need to be set and then remain fluid. This allows for some structure and then the ability to alter as required to ensure victory is yours.

Somehow, between Learion, Imajica and I we were completely unable to come up with a plan that we agreed upon. Instead, we simply teleported to the nearest hut and wandered round until we found an entrance.

It was at THIS point that we found out the Boggards skill in noticing things. That is, complete and lack of said skill. Learion and I wandered round the base of the hut, with two Boggards in a tree right next to us. Learion found the entrance and called out and I moved to joined him. At no stage were we spotted or heard…

In the hut was the Bog Strider leaders son, whom we promptly escorted out and Imajica led us back through the dimension door and the Bog Strider immedaitely thanked us and said he could find his own way home from where we were, now he was no longer a captive.

Magic entrance now used, we were forced to simply approach the Boggard village on foot, alerting them to our presence. The first guards were quickly cut down, so Io and I moved to the nearest mound (the Bog Strider had informed us the mounds were entrances to the Boggard underground holdings) and lifted back the leather flap to reveal a chamber with what looked to be a priest and his minions.

The minions were hard up against the wall, cowering in fear, but the priest appeared calm. Io cast a wall of stone to block off two of the three exits from the chamber and I dropped down and guarded the other, while Io, less graceful than he would have wanted, simply fell face first into the same chamber.

Outside, the sounds of magic and fighting were prevailent. Oret dropped into the chamber as well. As he did so, the priest summoned a giant scorpion, which immediately attacked.

While defending us, I missed the priest casting yet another spell. This time, the water that was merely a foot deep in the chamber at the time, suddenly surged up to the roof and washed Io, myself and the scorpion down the one remaining corridor, leaving Oret by himself in the chamber with the priest.

After picking ourselves up, Io and I found that the scorpion had followed us involuntarily, and was now stuck in the tunnel between us and Oret. With only one course of action, I attacked the summoned creature while Io held back. With it being trapped, the creature was not really in a position to be dangerous, and I simply put it out of its misery.

Once it was dead, Io and I were able to pull the creature out of the tunnel with some difficulty and then struggle (well, Io struggled, he had previously cast freedom of movement on me, so the tunnel was easy to move in) down the passge to the chamber where Oret was trapped.

Turns out he was not so much trapped with the priest, but the priest was trapped in there with him. By the time I got back in there, the priest was taken care of and the other Boggards were still cowering in fear against the walls.

With the priest taken care of, it simply remained to check the rest of the underground lair and find any survivors (we let them all go free as they would struggle to mount a threat now) and retrieve any valuables.

It was time to head back to the Bog Striders and see that the son had arrived safely…



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