Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we search for the yellow brick road

With battle joined and a multitude of forces arrayed against us, Learion led from the front and showed offense is the best defence when dealing with these foes. A mighty giant was cut down brutally and quickly as he swung his greatsword.

Areas of magical interference were appearing as Khan and Imajica made life and movement difficult for the giants at ground level and Oret had disappeared up top of the towers, but less arrows were fired with each passing moment, so I can only assume that he was distracting them in some fashion.

The true threat to the giants however, was Learion. And realising this, they focused their massive clubs on him and brought him down. A few brutal blows had our battle leader on the ground and in dire need of help, or he risked death.

Io has proven himself before, but today, he really showed that as a battle healer, there is nothing more I can teach him. His faith in Iomedae was rewarded as he moved towards Learion and brough him back from the brink of death with a prayer and a touch. He kept moving so as to stay out of reach of the giants and was able to chanel Iomedaes power through himself and heal several of us, while keeping the giants away from the power of our Goddess.

Back on his feet, Learion followed my lead, and where my sword struck, leaving burning marks on giant flesh, the greatsword rent them asunder.

While we were dealing with the giants, Imajica dealt with another group of archers, Oret moved into yet another tower and dealt with the inhabitants there as well and Io distracted the last group for just long enough for us to finish the battle and capture a survivor.

During this time, Khan had been forced to retreat as the archers had focused on him primarily, seeing from their vantage point, his magic affecting the battle below. Luckily, he returned and was in better shape than before, thanks to judicious use of healing magic and avoiding the archers.

A thorough search of the towers turned up one remaing mercenary guard and the Lady Quintessa Maray, the same bard who had caused Learion to fall under sway of the vile confusion effect.

It turns out she had fled the earlier battle and had been hiding for nearly twenty four hours in her room, waiting for rescue. Once she was informed of what had gone down in Fort Drelev, she seemed to gravitate towards Khan. Perhaps she has something for men who weild political power? Regardless, she appears harmless now and sincere in her desire to be done with this place and assist us in our cause.

We have put Terrion Numesti in charge of Fort Drelev for now, with the blessing of all who we asked, most especially Satinder, as she seems to understand the people.

For now, our next move seems simple enough. Fort Drelev was taken over by Pitax as a means of diverting unwanted barbarian tribe attention from Pitax back to Fort Drelev. If we are to claim Fort Drelev as part of Elklund and ake it safe for all who would live here, then the barbarian tribes must be dealt with.

To that end, Imajica and Khan found a map to a place that seems to match the information we got from a dead barbarian back at Tatzlford. So we make plans to visit the tombs of a certain Armag the Twice Born.

Perhaps we can talk with these people as we did the centaurs of our lands…



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