Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we sneak in the back door

After Khan found a concealed entrance in the cliff face, it was up Imajica to find a way to open it. His arcane arts assisted him here and the three of our party that were able to easily traverse down the cliff, Imajica, Khan and Oret, made there way into the cave after Imajica had done some rudimentary scouting and found very little to be alarmed about.

This left Io, Learian and me ontop of the cliff waiting for word. It was quiet and since we were only 30 feet above the entrance, we remained quiet as well.

It wasn’t until Imajica popped into existence next to us as an earth elemental that we were aware anything was really wrong. He then created a magical door to below and bid us assist the others, who were holding off some black puddings.

Forewarned that they split when hit with sharp weapons, I switched to my flail and Learion hefted his guisarme round the wrong way as though he was weildinging a quarterstaff, and Io blessed us with protection from acid, thanking the lady Iomedae for her aid once again.

Stepping through the portal, I was able to move through Khan and Oret, who were sensibly holding back, watching the beasts move through a plethora of magical defenses that Khan had cleverly laid in their way.

Stepping up, I asked Iomedae to bless my weapon with extra speed and swung heavily at the creature, bludgeoning it to death, and waiting for the next one to attack and move through the dangerous terrain. By the time each of them reached me, they were generally burned by the wall of flames they were moving through.

The second pudding that attacked tried a different tactic and grabbed me, enveloping me in it’s ooze. Luckily it was so badly damaged by this point that when I swung my flail to escape, it collapsed, dead. Deciding to heed the words of my liege, Khan, I retreated a step to force the next one to come further through the flames.

Unfortunately, it was still able to reach me and grabbed me as well. In this case, it was Learion, swinging his guisarme with fearsome skill, even though it was round the wrong way on purpose, and Oret, fists and feet flailing furiously that killed the creature and freed me.

The far end of the cave was blocked off by rusty iron bars, but a few good swings by Learion cleared our way and we tracked further inside. Following the natural passage, we stumbled upon a room hidden by a secret door where goods were stored and we liberated them. From there, Khan was able to spot (yet again) more secret doors. Choosing one almost at random, as we were directly below the tower, based on the musing of Imajica, we entered the prison cells.

The cell we arrived in was empty and unlocked, but across from us was one occupied cell. In it was a strong, older man, clearly having been left to suffer. As fortune would have it, we found Terrion Numesti, the father of the young woman (Kisandra Numesti) who had come seeking our help. Some of the equipment in the previous room was his, so we returned it to him and had Imajica teleport him back to his daughter.

We are just waiting on Imajica to return before we continue on our way.



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