Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we tie up loose ends

After rescuing the Bog Strider and clearing the Boggard camp, we made our way back to the Bog Strider camp. Being greeted by the ex-captive was a relief! He made it home safely.

While there was no monetary rewards (the satisfaction was more than enough reward), the Bog Striders were able to give us much more detailed information for our map, and this allowed us to make a decision on where to head next.

There really only seemed like one remaining threat that was urgent. Some sort of woman with no legs that had the Bog Striders concerned, so we made our way over to investigate.

We were actually greeted by a Boggard standing front of something massive, that looked like a tree, some forty round, lying flat on the swampy ground. When greeted, the Boggard bade us wait for the lady as she wanted to speak to us.

Some form of snake woman slithered out to see us. I wish I could say that diplomacy was the order of the day, but her first sentence was something to the tune of needing more slaves to serve her and then she cast some sort of spell.

Luckily nobody seemed to be affected, so we spread out and looked to end this decisively.

The snake woman had other ideas and proceeded to cast spells to hamper us and succeeded in trapping some of our group in some form of terrain, all the while, slithering away and keeping her distance.

Learion had the Boggard covered, so I immediately moved toward the snake lady, with Oret moving to my assistance. Io was trapped, but both our casters were free and casting away themselves (Imajica cast haste and Khan summoned a massive fire elemental).

Just as we got close to the snake lady, she teleported away, and re-appeared a fair distance away, way up on top of the tree.

Khan commanded his fire elemental to follow her and proceeded to summon an air elemental as well, while Imajica beckoned the rest of us over to him and used his dimension door to teleport us up to where she was.

With very little room up there, we were pressed right up against the edge and at risk of falling a long way down if anything happened. Luckily for us, Learion happened to her instead. With a couple of well placed blows, he cleft her in twain and another danger to our budding kingdom was taken care of

I have also dispatched all my followers to each of our outlying settlements to help bolster their defences.

Threats taken care of, we returned home to Shrike City to continue fortifying our kingdom so that attacks from the likes of Fort Drelev can no longer cause us trouble…



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