Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which witches witch for Iomeade

“These events follow the events in Pitax at the Rushlight Tournament – Log 1 of 2”

After two years of relative peace in our kingdom, my son, Io Brightheart came to me once fine morning.

“I’ve had a vision from Iomedae father. She has directed me to an abandoned abbey, I think, to cleanse it of some past taint. I only saw myself in the vision, so I believe this is a test from our Goddess, for me, alone.”

He has even been the more devout of us, and is closer to Iomedae than I have ever been. When Io declares something like this, I believe him. While, like any father, I wish my son to safe, and failing that, to go along with him to help ensure said safety, I trust both him and Iomedae.

Several weeks go by, and this is nothing unusual, for I have no idea where Io’s quest has taken him.

However, Andromeda Niska, our resident witch, and lately, tentatively, friend, appears to have been keeping an eye on my son. Up till this point, she has not interfered as she believed him to be completely safe. Her latest scrying suggests that while Io is alright presently, something seems amiss, and Andromeda believes that Io could be in danger.

Her scrying has given her a location, and I immediately ready myself for travel, only to find those mighty companions, friends and powerful allies all, ready themselves to come with me. Learion, Oret Eberheart and Imajica were all in Shrike City at the time and determine to make the trip by my side. Iomedae has blessed me indeed to give me such valiant and loyal friends. It’s was with a heavy heart that we left without Khan Getafix, as he was away on some pressing business for the realm. Such are the duties of the King.

It was a long trip, but thankfully Imajica was able to teleport us almost half the required distance. From our newest stronghold, Fort Drelev, we made our way deep into territory considered to be the rule of Pitax.

An abandoned abbey was a indeed our destination, and Imajica seemed to pull historical facts of the place from seemingly nowhere. Such is his depth and breadth of learning I suppose.

Oreo was made invisible and he bravely scouted the area ahead to give us any sort of understanding of the layout above. Unfortunately he was unable to discover much, but there appeared to be a guard in the bell tower, situated off to one side of the abbey itself.

Not knowing if there was trouble or not, we made no effort to hide (Learion and myself would have struggled at that regardless) and made our way directly to the bell tower. I bade Oret to climb the side of the tower while the rest of us approach in a more orthodox manner. Opening the door, we found the room to be empty, but Oret found an area above in the broken rafters where a guard could have been situated.

From there, our only real option was to investigate the abbey. Going straight in, we were confronted by stairs up on one side, down on the other, and curtains directly in front of us. I chose the simple, direct route and made for the curtains.

This is where I found my precious son, seated serenely in front of a large flower, on top of which, was situated a jewel of some kind. I immediately went to him, but before I made more than five feet, enemy combatants emerged from all over the place, none of whom appeared to have been there before. Sorcery!

“Kill the human!”

Some form of creature was aiming an arrow directly at Learion (Imajica assured us it was a wererat, and devised us not to get bitten by it). Well, a threat to a friend is a threat to me, so I called on Iomedae and intercepted every arrow that was launched at Learion.

The fight was brutal, but surprisingly quick. Learion was able to do some significant damage to a surrounding melee combatants before he fell. Oret saved him from certain death while Imajica kept the enemy at bay best he could with magics. I simply concentrated on defence to start with and was able to call on Iomedae to heal all of us, thankfully preserving the life that Oret fought so bravely to save.

Learion had one last trick however and blasted the wererat from his perch with what can only be a divinely guided bolt from his crossbow, allowing us to make short work of the remaining ambushers.

We were able to discern that the rabble rouser, Grigori, that we temporarily captured when Shrike City was still being formed was behind the ambush. Learion has made plain his desire to end the threat to our kingdom once and for all, and I wholeheartedly agree.

The jewel Io was seated in front of was the key. It transported us to what seemed like a memory of the past where a crazed priest of Iomedae was slaughtering the peaceful monks. There seemed no way to change the memory, so we finally decided, on Oret’s suggestion, to make our way down to the monks brewery.

A long and deep tunnel was carved into the hillside, ending in a small cavern, consisting of a large body of water and a scum covered isle, with just a rickety wooden bridge adjoining them. I made my way to the isle, intent on cleaning it up, hoping this might help our cause…



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