Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Swans, Evil viscious Swans

A Swan is not a Minotor i am told.

It was a fantastic day. Spending time with the family, no city’s plotting the downfall of our great nation, no monsters attacking, no unwanted bastards sighting unrest in our capital .. life was good.
All that changed when I received a message from my ranger protege in the B team ( our official scouting team ) He sent word from Drelave there is a massive whirlpool in the lake and a huge water elemental shaped as a swan had attacked them. please come now.

I gathered up the team and Imajica ported us to the location. We were met with the heroic tale of Durz and how he and he alone saved the world wile drinking and eating at the same time, one hand behind his back and making love to three wenches with is multi cock wile the rest of his team stayed back and cheered him on cheerleader style. Some of it I’m sure was a little exaggeration especially the “making love” Durz would never do that.

We went to see the whirlpool for our selves. After a bit of poking and prodding from our magic users we were greeted by three very large water swans hell bent on making us not alive.
The start of the fight was quite good as one was held by our cleric and Imajica said to the party “look that swan is not a Minotor” as he flung a spell at the center Swan. He chuckled to himself as he had apparently trapped the poor thing in a magical maze for ten minutes he told us later.
The King did a powerful spell to the third one, it did not look good after that. Now we had a flying pally over the water hitting the first held swan a porting monk landing in it and thrashing about a mage begrudgingly casting spells at it wile the rest of us struggled to even get close to it. The third one went down but the first one was only being chipped away at. Eventually it collapsed and we then had to wait for the maze one to reappear.
A plan was made and when it made it back from the maze we were ready and made short work of it.
As that happened all the swans that were around flew off in different directions and one turned up dead and Roche placed his new sword upon it and some sort of power went into it making it sharper more sturdy. I did not know swans did this.

Something tells me that those swans are up to no good. More trouble is on its way.



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