Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

In which we battle for Tatzlford

Running a kingdom is hard work. Rewarding and fulfilling, but hard. Everybody needs something and I am happy to give of my time and self. Io is growing spiritually and physically as well. He has been asking if we can go on more adventures, but I feel that it is getting to a point where I am no longer the one to give him direction. He is closer to our god than I, I feel, and he will soon be giving me the advice.

Part of our duty however, is protecting our kingdom from threats. We received word that a neighbor is massing for an attack on Tatzlford. Thankfully, Imajica has delved deep into his arts and was able to teleport us around quickly saving us much time and allowing us to ready ourselves and the town earlier.

Io was unable to come with us as Imajica was able to take a limited number of people. It is a measure of my remaining learning and lack of faith that I was glad that Io would not have to face a pitched battle. I fear I have lots to still learn.

After facing down hordes in the forest, trolls were able to breach the defences and get into town. Being destructive brutes, they set to rampaging and destroying Tatzlford, so our determined group made our way to the heart of the fight and defended the town.

The trolls were monstrously huge! Thankfully, Learian seems to have developed some new skills with his magical blade and the the beasts fell like so much timber in a forest, and being trolls, they began regenerating, so Khan was able to destroy the bodies with some well placed fire. Praise be to the powers of the forest.

One of the monsters actually got past some defences and attacked Imajica. While I am sure now that he can handle himself, I did manage to divert one and goad it to attack me instead. Perhaps it is pride, but I feel that every hit I absorb is one less for others to take. I fear this kind of thinking will make me a act as a martyr, and Iomedae would frown on such behaviour.

Still, Oret proved his worthfulness again and took care of another stray troll, with wrestling no less! A brave soul indeed. I am sure that Imajica had something to do with the final troll simply ambling off after him like a friendly puppy as well. Strange, but that seems to describe the elf fairly well.

At this juncture, the town is currently safe and we must gather ourselves for the next move.



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