Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

We are now worthy of a full explanation ?

Looks like there is trouble ahead.

After the downfall of the King of Pitax we needed to make sure the city was looked after so panic did not set in.

We decided to make the four original family’s that were in power before heads of state that answer to us. I was not part of the talks but i am told it went well.

We went back home and gave the Neriad her shall back and showed her that we have the sword Bryier.
“Owwww Fantastic now i will tell you everything i know . i could have before but now i see you with the sword its now different” Sigh

Now we know why this Nymph wants it so bad …. its part of her. you know i would want it back too if i were her. But i think she is a little crazy now thinking she is a god so it looks like there is trouble ahead.

Not really knowing what to do next we looked at the scouts reports and looked at anything interesting that they had found.
They found a few army’s, a nest of Wyrverns, and old Mammoth. They had done quite well even though having Dirz with them.

Our more talkative members tried to pit the remaining army’s against each other will some success.
This left us with time to go talk to the mammoth who could speak common .. . . not a everyday occurrence.

He told us his kind were being attacked by a type of dragon and showed us where we could find this beast.

It was a kind of Snake dragon it flew with no wings ( nothing much surprises me anymore )
Spewing out “Magmaaa” it was a terrible sight. The height of many men it did have some trouble hitting us it tried and tried to bite us with no success.
Oret put an end to the eminence creature by hopping on its back as it lifted from the ground. a few sharp smacks to the head and it fell to the ground.

Where to next ? not sure looks like we should make some plans in case this Nymph turns up looking for part of herself.



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