Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Who knew flowers could do that?

"Get the one with the big sword" ..... Wait what?

A lot has happened in the past two years but will get to that at a later date.

We are looking for Roche’s son whom has gone investigating a abbey because he had a vision from his god. ( I know right … crazy ) ( but i followed a vision of my father so who’s judging? )

We get to the outskirts of this Abbey and walk through the gap in the stone wall everything looking run down and not used.

The first thing we notice is the smell … Musty and only as soon as we pass the wall.
We decide to send in the monk with a invisible spell on him to scout the area.
Ten minutes later he comes back with a very vague description of the area but he had noticed a man in the bell tower whom was quite jumpy.

We all head straight to the bell tower to confront this man but he had gone. There was a weird sound of bells ringing in the distance but it could only be herd from within the bell tower.

Next was the Abbey its self. We walk in and start our search for Roche’s son it did not take long to find him sitting down in front of a small weird looking flower.
We did not get a chance to go see to him though as many many many people appeared from the vats of wine on the side of the room maybe even had the appearance of the barrels put on them.
I heard a voice from up in the rafters say “get that one the one with the big sword” GULP.

The fight did not last long as i knew they were after me for some reason, maybe word had got out that my fighting style was one to be cautious of ??
Turns out no that’s not the reason the Rat in the rafters was specialized at killing humans and i was the only one in there.

One big swing and i managed to hurt or kill many of the melee fighters within range. then one more swing at one fellow was my only contribution to the fray as i was focused on and knocked unconscious …. twice.

After i was roused for the second time the group attacking us had surrendered.
The Rat was put to death by Roche with no complaint from the rest of us.
Only two others from his band of men was still alive and we questioned them and then let them go as it turns out they were just mercenary’s for hire.

They told us that a man we knew of had let them know all our vulnerability’s and where and what we were doing. I will make it my mission to find him and with no warning once found will run him right through his gut, he has vexed me he has terribly vexed me.

We tried to see what was effecting the son of Roche as he was not responding to anything we did.
The only thing that cam to my mind was touching the flower that was in front of him.
I found myself in the Abbey but its was looking fine with no signs of wear and tear i touch the plant again and find myself on the floor with a sore nose.
I tell the group what I saw then i decide to go back and investigate a little more.

This time i take a walk outside and i see a man laying waste to the monks but i can not do anything about it it all looks like a vision i head back inside and I hear a familiar voice from behind me . . . Roche’s son at this point Roche turns up in this version of the world and we decide we need to investigate the tunnel that the monk found in is scouting.

We head to the tunnel and there is a small island with dancing lights and green mold surrounded by water.
We head in …………



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