James Tanaster

Scarred noble knight


The older brother of Learien, James always felt he was destined for greatness. A gifted warrior, and diplomat, he had plans on how he was going to elevate his household to power once he was in charge.

That all changed when his father, Wytin, asked for his help in travelling deep into the Stolen Lands. Wytin claimed that there was a terrible evil that was going to engulf entire kingdoms. They travelled to Pitax, where he felt the key to finding where this evil was hidden could be found.

James suddenly found himself seperated from Wytin and ordered to travel back to Brevoy with his manservant and diary. They were hounded the entire way by ogres, who James valiantly fought off repeatedly, until eventually falling to them. The manservant was killed by the ogres, who believed him to be Wytin, and James was kept and tortured for years as the ogres plaything.

Now hideously scarred, both physically and mentally, James insists on wearing an elaborate plate helm and mask at all times.

James Tanaster

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