Hawkes Bay Kingmaker

Now she scares me

You want us to abandon Andromida?

After looking around the ruins I soon see that I am of no help as it is a magical “thing” needed to open this place up.

I start to look else wear and I hear some crying coming from a tree in the distance. A small Pixi is there crying about the loss of her sisters. I ask who would do such a thing? She tells me that a Wriggly Worm man came and took them. This worries me so I ask has anything else come through the gates? and the Ettins and the sytar did. This bit of information is the most worrying, If these things can come through the portal why has Nirrisa not come through? What we have all been assuming so far is that is really really wants her sword back along with her emotions back but what if this is not the case? Some might say because she is not whole she can not go through the portal. But what if she is so far gone she no longer cares about her other half and now just wants to destroy anything that is not her 1000 Breaths. We do not have enough information yet to say but both options are worrying.

I start to calm the Pixi down and say we are trying to get to were they were taken and than we could save them and return them to her. This seams to lighten the mood and then our Druid comes over and the Pixi takes a liking to his helmet.
We decide to take her with us back to our capital.

Upon reaching our capital we are accosted by what seams like everyone wanting “stuff” from 1000 Breaths. We will have to make a list.
My brother requested me for a talk so I go and see what he has to say. Before he had a chance to speak I ask him when he last saw dad and it seams to fit what I now know.
He tells me that he and a few other have come up with a theory. Andromida is a link to 1000 Breaths and if she dies here she will open a kink to 1000 breaths. He also suggests that we take her to 1000 Breaths with us and leave her there to die. I instantly tell him that that is not going to happen.
Theory’s start flowing and I come up with the idea to release Andromida of this burden by dying and then getting resurrected but I am told that it may not work so that idea is gone.
We decide to keep her a safe as we can. She has teleport spells, armed guards, two army’s, the local law, the castle and its gates to keep her safe.

We get word from Varnhold there is a bloom in play in the swamps and its been a few days.
We make haste to where some giant red worms were last spotted. We have a bit of time to plan. And all goes well. I got licked by one of the three worms but we managed to end the fight with relative ease.

Back to Varnhold to say it is safe to go back and we are told that all the wedding party from Pitax has been abducted and this includes my wife. My vengeance will be swift.



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